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Saba Sea Services Company


Saba sea services ,as an international transportation company and shipping agency , was stablished in 2000 at Tehran with the support of its 50 years history of managers in the domestic-international freight industry.
By identifying the needs of its domestic and foreign customers , the company has made large investments in field of transportation industry , including the constrction of a private railway terminal next to shahid motahari station in mashhad , along with establishing representative offices in ports and borders , covering the fleet .relying on the knowledge and expertise of its team and constantly updating new transportation routes and solutions in order to provide the best ,cheapest and fastest transportation methods , saba sea services has become one of the leading companies in providing integrated services in all fields such as road , rail , sea and air transportation by having specialized and educated personnel in custom matters and full knowledge of current circulars and issues in this specific field , along with having offieces and representatives located in all entry and exit points of the country ,this professional company is able to clear goods in the shortest possible time and with the best method and solution cooperation with most of the merchents and trading companies is the proof of this claim.