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Saba Sea Logistics

Who we are

Saba Sea Services Co. was found in 2000. Due to the fast development of trading in the world and especially in Asia, Saba Sea Services Co. represented itself as a great shipping company in a fast-shipping world. 

Our experience

Having more than 18 years of experience, Saba Sea Services Co. has appeared as a proper company in both shipping and the efficient services and solutions.

Our services

Due to our position in the North-east of Iran, Saba Sea Services is a powerful and well known company (export, import, shipping agency) especially in Asia.

Our community

The company is an active member of the following organizations:


۱- Shipping Association of Iran

۲- Ports and Shipping Association of Iran

Saba Sea Services

As a company Saba Sea believes in working independently and offering the best services simultaneously. It has trained and experienced experts who are available to offer a full-range of best services and solutions. The company has always been avant-garde in international development of transportation system.